Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Congressman's Weiner Becomes Hot Dog...

The Payback Troll is working overtime with this one.  Next, the "Honorable" Gentleman from New York will be saying that there is a high probability that the boxer briefs are indeed his.  But, they are not covering Congressman Weiner's weiner, with certitude.  After all, you can only really judge a hot dog by the SNAP in it's casing.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Buh, Buh, Buh, Benny and the Jets...

I like Benjamin Netanyahu merely for having the balls to speak the truth.  I just watched his speech at the Capital, and he did a great job smacking Obama around with respect to borders and peace.  I wish we had a strong, articulate and honest President that is willing to fight for his country instead of giving it away.

His refusal to negotiate with Hamas....His unequivocal stance on borders...His willingness to stand tall and fight.

I was looking for our President, but realized that he has spirited out of the country for a few days.  I was hoping Benny's speech would resonate from the halls of Freedom firsthand.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Obama Birth Certificate Finally Exposed...

Here's what I think...the birth certificate will show something that will prove to be a negative in the reelection campaign, such as:

  1. He was not born a United States citizen -- grounds for impeachment.
  2. His religion is listed as Muslim--personally no big deal, except that he lied--impeach.
  3. His father is not listed--interesting to say the least.
  4. His mother is not the woman that raised him -- again, interesting.
  5. Everything about Obama is now know to be fabricated
All this is scandalously interesting...but this is what the Informer thinks:

This was all known before the presidential election of Obama. Hillary knew it, but the democrats wanted to keep it mum. They knew the Obama-mania could not be stopped, and would take the election by storm. (Remember all of the folks that were looking forward to getting a new car from Obama). Dems could not risk a Hillary/McCain loss, so Hillary took a back seat (look at her smug pictures) and had to wait it out.

BAM! The electorate in the last election shakes up the congress.   The tremendous response against the Obama reign is too much to sweep under the rug.

The birth certificate information eventually has to come out. It has, but has been squashed...until the Don. Thanks to Donald Trumpeter, it can no longer be ignored. Obama is foreclosed upon, and booted from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Biden is made President of the United States for the remainder of the term.  Hillary then runs for the nomination and wins--of course, because Joe Biden is part of the problem, and all of a sudden gets pancreatic cancer.  Hillary MUST ACT!  She runs and may be able to assert more Democrat un-rule in the White House. It was all planned...that's why Hillary was sent all over the world to be cleansed and purified of the Obama mud.

Now it's the Clinton machine against...who?  Who cares?  Hillary will win if the economy turns around before the next election, while the democrats blame the current situation on an inexperienced Obama... they will happily stand behind her, while stomping on the "Hope and Change" posters below their muddied feet.

...and that means EIGHT MORE YEARS OF A DEMOCRAT IN THE OVAL OFFICE. Somebody pinch me...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Foggedabout it....the Bruthahood Is Coming...

One can't be but terrified about the ramifications of the happenings in Egypt. Forget about being scared of local yocals, thiefs, pick-pockets and rapists. We have to worry about real terrorists and real nukes. No kidding here...Our administration has a duty to protect and to serve.

Foggedabout health care--we won't need it...
Foggedabout social security--we won't see it...
Foggedabout jobs--what jobs?
Foggedabout your future--can you say "earth shattering kaboom?"

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